Mango Corn Cakes


4 ears of Corn, kernels cut off (about 4 C)
2 T Butter
1 Mango, chopped (2 C)
3 T Chipotle Maple Seasoning
¾ C Red Onion, chopped
1 C Cornmeal
2 Eggs
2 t Baking Powder
¼ C Cilantro, chopped
2 T Milk

Heat 1 T butter in hot pan until melted.  Add onion and brown 4-6 Min.  Add corn, mango and 2 T seasoning.  Sauté 6-8 Min until begins to brown.

Mix the cooked corn mixture in with the cornmeal, eggs, baking powder, milk and 1 T seasoning until it forms a batter.  Add water if necessary.

Reheat pan.  Add 1 T butter until melted.  Drop corn cake batter into silver-dollar sized cakes in pan.  Fry until golden brown on each side (about 5-8 Min per side).  Top with cilantro.  Serve with fried shrimp, bbq’d pork or your favorite salsa.