Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spice favor?

Wedding favors are personalized party favors made up of our custom spice blends. Available in a selection of tubes, jars, or gift boxes, you can choose the perfect spice to represent your occasion.

You can personalize your favors with a professionally designed label complete with your custom message and other details (names or dates for example).

Browse our full selection of over 100 spices, herbs, and blends to make any occasion unforgettable.

How do I order?

Our online ordering system is simple: just follow these steps.

When will I receive my order?

To ensure the freshest quality, we process and ship orders approximately 30 days prior (and no later than 10 days prior) to your event. So we recommend ordering early. Call us at 630-457-5183 if rush processing is needed for your order.

What type of occasions do you have favors for?

Spice favors aren’t only for weddings! We provide custom favors for all sorts of occasions.

As our name implies, we do see a lot of our business coming from brides looking for unique, memorable wedding favors. But when it comes to custom spice favors, the sky is really the limit for how they can be used to enhance any event or special occasion. Our spice favors can be a great compliment for many occasions, including: holidays, baby showers, birth announcements, birthdays, corporate events, client gifts, trade show giveaways, graduations, thanks you gifts, or any celebration.

See our full selection of label designs or design your own.  You can even choose a label color to match your event decor.

How can I personalize my order?

Our spice container labels can be personalized with names, dates, messages, label designs and colors to commemorate special occasions and all sorts of events. More about personalization.

Do you ship outside the continental United States?

We are currently unable to take international orders online but we would be happy to help you directly.

Please contact us or call +1-630-457-5183 to discuss the details of your event.

Where do these spices come from?

Our spices are sourced from around the globe. We hand select each spice from its countries of origin to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.

After selection, the spices are packaged with the highest care and shipped directly to our store in Geneva, IL. Our direct shipping process ensures that our spices are not compromised while being passed along through multiple locations.

We then send the freshest spices and blends to you to make your event unforgettable. More about our spices.

What do I need to know about shelf life and storage of my orders

Once a spice is ground, the essential oils where the flavors originate start to dissipate. When stored correctly, the plastic containers will keep the spice fresh for 3-6 months. The glass jar will keep the spice fresh for up to a year.

Following our tips for storage will help you get the best use out of these delicious spices.

Can I see the label options before ordering?

Absolutely! Browse our full selection of label designs or upload your own. You can even choose a label color to match your event decor.

Have more questions?

Contact us to get answers.