Spice Symbolism & Meaning

Did you know that herbs and spices have meanings? The symbolism of spices varies from culture to culture, but we have found these to be the most common.

Basil (Sweet)Good wishes, love, serious intentions
Basil Happiness, growing of love, fertility
CinnamonStability, soothing warmth
ClovesDignity, ability to withstand troubles
CorianderMagic, health
CuminEngagement, listening, togetherness
DillSafety, security, courage
FennelStrength, vision
GarlicStrength, wards off the bad/negative
GingerCivility, traditions
MustardAbility to get things out, deal with challenges
NutmegSensuality, effervescence
OreganoJoy, appreciation of what you have
ParsleyFestivity, friendship
Pepper (Black, Green, & White)Wealth, adventure
RosemaryFidelity, love
SageWisdom, long life
SaltProtection, preservation
SesameMagic, openness, peace
Star AniseJoining the attributes of both individuals in the bonds of marriage
TarragonHelping each other shine, bringing out the best in each other
Thyme Courage, sacrifice
TurmericAdaptiveness, ability to make the most of what you have