All Occasions

Favors aren’t only for birthdays or weddings! We provide custom favors for all occasions.

As our name implies, we do see a lot of our business coming from brides looking for unique, memorable wedding favors. But when it comes to custom spice favors, the sky is really the limit for how they can be used to enhance any event or special occasion.

Personalized Favors Are Always In Style

No matter what the occasion, personalized favors are always in style. Guests appreciate the thoughtfulness of a unique favor from their host. Not only are our spice favors unique, they’re also a delicious, useful gift to give away at the end of your event.

Our spice favors can be a great compliment for many occasions, including:

  • Baby Shower
  • Birth Announcement
  • Baptism or Christening
  • Birthday Party
  • Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mizvah
  • Communion & Confirmation
  • Graduation Party
  • Engagement Announcement